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Danny Pickering has been playing tunes for a while now, in fact he started DJing in 1996 at afterparties around Salisbury. As a DJ, Danny has played alongside Mr C, Omid 16b, Paolo Mojo, MixMaster Morris, Hoxton Whores, Rob Maynard, Matt Sever, Tim Hooper, Joe Shanks, Scorpio, Andy Barlow, Miss C MC, Larry Lush and DJ Ice. With over a dozen releases under various names and DJ residencies like Shuffle (London), Pasha Bar (Brighton) and Tsunami (Rome) under his belt, he has acquired a variety of musical tastes along the way.

All of this experience has perfectly placed Danny as the A&R Coordinator for our label Big Mix Up Records and he naturally heads up our promotions department too. Danny is also the Technical Director for BoxFrequency FM, a 24/7 station, founded in 2012 with fellow cohort Alex Martin. The station boasts a very talented roster of DJs all around the world catering for Deep House, Techno, Electronica, Funk and all things soulful.

And as if that's not enough, Danny is currently active in the studio too, producing under the guise of 54th Street Hustler bringing his own flavour to the deeper side of House!

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